Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) involves animals in: the treatment of health issues; the facilitation of learning; as well as the improvement of social functioning. An AAT therapist incorporates AAT into their professional practice and facilitates change in a client by exposing them to constructive interactions with an animal.

Therapy Dogs

Courses/Registration for private therapy dogs in Victoria

Service Dogs

Dogs used to work with people with Autism

  • Assistance Dogs – mobility dogs as trained by Assistance Dogs Australia, NSW

Organisations that train AAT animals

In Australia

  • State Guide Dog Associations
  • Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Hearing Dogs Australia


  • Assistance Dogs International

How you can help?

We are looking for persons who would like to part of the National team from andaat. We are looking for people who feel that they would like to get involved.

One of andaat’s goals is to set up a National Level of Standards, for trainers, advisors and for the animals.

We are looking for those individuals around Australia who feel that they would like to contribute to the many important aspects of AAT, thus ensuring that the value of AAT is upheld.